motivations & inspirations

I don't commonly use the term 'inspiration' as I feel it perpetuates the idea that artists come up with their materials through divine intervention or through split-second bursts of imaginative mind-images. As a professional artist, I spend much of my time planning, drawing, conceptualizing, and engineering. Good art is made in minutes--great art is made in a lifetime.

The artists I have listed here have motivated me throughout my career to make art to the best of my ability.


Ed Kienholz

Genius. Aggregation and found objects. Very large scale work.


Joel-Peter Witkin

Genius. Photographer of interesting, finder of the strange.


Diane DiPrima

DiPrima is a Beat Generation poet and author. She has a very unique perspective on the Beat Art Movement of the 50's. Her novel "The Memoirs of a Beatnik," inspired me to leave Alaska and have an adventure of my own.